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Safe at Home: In-Home Safety Assessment and Training


Personal fire safety training to reduce risks for the leading causes of fire injuries and deaths.

People at greater risk for home fires include older adults, families with young children, people with disabilities, and people in low-income communities.

Safe at Home training is customized for each individual and delivered in the home by experienced professional trainers. It is especially valuable for those moving into a new living situation.

“Stephen went from not knowing how to implement fire safety for himself to actually scheduling his monthly practice routines…He now has the means to protect himself from fire in his home and to be safer in the kitchen. We would recommend this program to anyone who wants their adult children to be independent.”
Parents of a Safe at Home participant

For: All residents of Monroe County, New York

Safe at Home Application
For pricing, see Cost of Training below.

Presented by: Members of our training team with diverse backgrounds in the fire service, injury prevention, and human services.

Benefits of this Training:

  • Specific assessment of fire and burn hazards in the home.
  • Trainers work with individuals, their family members and care providers to reduce and eliminate hazards.
  • Customized teaching of essential fire safety skills:
    • Locating and testing of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Having a working smoke alarm reduces the chance of dying in a fire by more than half.
    • Escaping planning in the event of a fire. Most fatal fires happen at night when people are asleep.
    • Providing 911 with clear and appropriate information to get help fast.
    • Kitchen safety, targeting the behaviors that cause 70% of kitchen fires. Cooking is the leading cause of home fires.

Training typically includes between three and six 30-45 minute in-home sessions.

The Safe at Home curriculum was developed by Community Health Strategies, a fire safety and injury prevention organization founded in 1988 to develop and implement customized programs designed to produce measurable results. Safe at Home has been used by dozens of families in the Rochester area over the past year.  At our first visits, we identified and recommended changes to an average of 5 of 14 potential hazards. Overall, participants improved from being able to successfully complete less than 50% of the steps in essential fire safety skills to nearly 100% at their final session.

Cost of Training:

Residential Assessment and Recommendations: $175 per session
Individualized Training (Residential assessment required): $ 75 per session (1-3 sessions) $ 60 per session (4-6 sessions)

Program costs may be covered by Self-Direction, Family Reimbursement and other New York State funding streams.

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