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Home Safety

Home safety

What really works to reduce the highest risks

Raising awareness and providing handouts and brochures are not enough to prevent unintentional injuries, the #1 cause of death of all children, teens and young adults. Most families already believe that they are “careful” and therefore need not be concerned.

Our dynamic, interactive workshops focus on actually changing behavior. We provide simple yet effective strategies, assistance in problem solving, support, and motivation to follow through.

Flower City Habitat for Humanity has made this training a prerequisite for all new homeowners following a fatal fire in a Habitat home. It has been presented to Habitat for Humanity New York State and at the Habitat for Humanity International conference


Community organizations, neighborhood associations

Presented by:

Members of our training team with diverse backgrounds in the fire service, injury prevention and community training.

Benefits of this Training:

  • Workshops are customized for the audience (e.g. those who work with young children or with older adults).
  • Training is designed to motivate participants to implement home safety practices to protect their homes from damage or destruction and to protect their families from injury or death from the leading causes of household injuries: fire and burns, poisoning, and falls.
  • Topics typically include:
    • fire prevention
    • planning and practicing a home fire drill
    • poison control
    • removal of hazards
    • falls prevention

Who Has Received This Training:

  • 14621 Community Association
  • 9-1-1
  • Catholic Family Center
  • The Childcare Council
  • Early Childhood Education Quality Council
  • Flower City Habitat for Humanity
  • Hillside Children’s Center
  • Jewish Family Services
  • Rochester Childfirst Network
  • Wilson Commencement Park
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